Top 5 Best Lenses for Sony A6000 – Reviews And Product Breakdowns!

Introduction To The Best Lenses For A6000 Cameras!

In this article, we will be taking a look at what we consider to be the best sony a6000 best lens available on the market today. We will be covering a wide range of products set over a broad price range that includes sony alpha lenses suitable for professional photographers, amateur photographers as well as hobbyist photographers. Our intention is that we will be able to cover lenses suitable for all budgets while covering the very best product available for each bracket to try and cover as many different circumstances as possible all within a single article.

Here Is A Quick Over View Of The Products Covered!

What Is The Best Lens For A6000 Cameras?best lenses for sony a6000

The truth is that your camera can only be as good as the lens you use it in combination with. If you want to capture your memories forever on paper, having professional lenses for a6000 cameras will ensure that you are never out of range, or too close to get the shot that will forever encapsulate those precious moments in life. Since not all lenses are the same, it is critical that you choose the right one for your camera and your lifestyle. Below are what we think is the five best lenses for Sony a6000 products.

The Absolute Best – The Sony 55mm F1.8 Sonnar T* FE ZA Full Frame Prime Lens

This is without a doubt one of the best lenses for sony a6000 in the industry, the Sony 5mm F.18 Sonnar T* FE ZA has everything you need to take the most outstanding and professional photographs possible. It has a focal length of 55mm and a filter diameter of 49mm, which is one of the highest grades you can get. Although the lens is not zoomable, it does have a fixed, E-mount Full Frame which ensures that you never miss a shot. The Aperture strength is 22/1.8 and it has a magnification capability of 14x. The minimum focus distance is 19 11/16 inches which is fantastic for those close up images.


  • The resolution is the highest quality making it one of the Best Lenses for Sony A6000 that you can get with an a7 series full frame E-mount body, due to the Carl Zeiss resolution and contrast.
  • The T* coating is an optical design that helps to effectively suppress any internal reflection, which means that you can effectively decipher deep blacks and perform night time shooting.
  • The large F1.8 aperture is excellent for capturing full-frame shots automatically, or you can auto adjust at will for amazing depth capture.
  • It is a bright lens making it an excellent tool for both indoor and outdoor environments, versatility is key for the sony alpha a6000 lenses.
  • The dust-resistant and smooth design make it a high-performance camera that you don’t have to treat with kid gloves.


  • The lens does not zoom, but because it can capture full frames to such a high degree, it doesn’t seem to hurt the functionality of it.
  • It is on the pricier end of the sony alpha lenses we are reviewing, but due to the tools and technology it provides, many photographers insist it is well worth the price.
  • It is only compatible with Sony.
  • It is one of the heavier A6000 lenses, weighing almost a pound, which can make balancing it a bit more challenging.lenses for a6000

Verdict – One Of The Best Lenses For Photographers!

This is simply the cream of the crop when it comes to the premium lenses available on the market today. Finding it hard to find any cons, the price is well worth it for this comprehensive and innovative lens design. The lens works in both indoor and outdoor environments with ease and has all the automatic adjustments needed to turn any newbie into an instant expert. To capture those precious moments in life, there just isn’t a better product on the market. This is absolutely the best lens on the market in our opinion.

A Close Second – Sony 35mm F2.8 Sonnar T* FE ZA Full Frame Prime Fixed Lens

Still up there being one of the best lenses available and coming in a close second, the Sony 35mm F2.8 Sonnar T* FE ZA features the same bright aperture that you get with the upgraded models. The compact dimensions and outstanding performance of the optical lens is one of the most versatile units you can purchase. Although limited to a 35mm shutter speed, the Carl Zeiss E-Mount full frame lens does a professional job capturing any shot with expert quality. Although the lens is not zoomable, the camera is able to auto focus which ensures that you capture every shot with ease.


  • The Carl Zeiss E-Mount full-frame lens delivers a full frame camera body image.
  • It is designed to withstand both dust and moisture environments with ease.
  • A bright maximum aperture of F2.8 delivers excellent shooting performance.
  • The compact size makes it the perfect lens to take along for any adventure without bulk.
  • The double-sided aspherical elements help to make both the resolution and contrast spectacular and well above other models in this price range.
  • The industry innovative T* lens coating help to make the color much more true to life.
  • The circular aperture ensures that you capture your subject while the background fades blurs. That makes sure to have your image pop as the focal point of the shot instead of getting lost in the picture.
  • The lens delivers a smoother and more natural focus automatically and you don’t have to rely on operator error.


  • It is a bit expensive for a camera lens, but less so than the F1.8, and still carries many of the same features.
  • It does not have an image stabilizer which can lead to images being out of focus.
  • The aperture appears to sometimes make the background too translucent and things in the peripheral can fade too much for those who are looking for more of a “landscape” image.
  • Some photographers insist that although good with high focal images, the overall quality of the photo itself is not what they expect due to vignette a6000 best lens

Verdict – One Of The Best Sony A6000 Lenses We Have Tried!

The Sony 35mm F2.8 Sonnar T* FE ZA Full Frame is one of the few lenses available to take any newbie photographer to full-fledged professional. Having the capacity to be almost fully automatic, the pictures produced are spectacular. Although it is inherently unable to zoom, the camera can smoothly and flawlessly do it on its own, eliminating operator error. It is a bit pricier than some believe it is worth, but most love the sleek design and the fact that it can endure various conditions with excellent durability. One of the best in the industry, it can effectively freeze your memories in time forever.

Best Middle of the Road – The Sony SEL35 F18 35mm f/1.8 Prime Fixed Lens

Out of our middle of the road cost bracket we decided the Sony SEL35 F18 is one of the best lenses you can buy in its price range.Perhaps one of the best features of this middle of the road lens is the compact and lightweight nature of it. The optical lens is one of the best in the industry for both contrast and peripheral sharpness. The built-in image stabilization ensures that you can get shots on the go and the smooth sand silent high-speed nature of the focusing helps for the adventure photographer. Although not zoomable, this camera has auto focus that is outstanding and makes missing an excellent shot nearly impossible. We class this as one of  the best lenses for people who are looking for something in the middle of the road price bracket.


  • A superb focusing internal operation ensures that you never miss a shot when on the go.
  • The lightweight design makes it the perfect lens to take on any adventure.
  • It is about half of the price of premium options in the industry when looking for the add-on camera lenses, which is an excellent plus point, especially for those on a budget.
  • The unique qualities of this lens make it the perfect “second lens” for your collection. Having a durable and compact design, you don’t have to treat it like a museum piece.
  • One of the few lenses that is excellent all-around for everything from action shots to still portraits.
  • The bright aperture allows for background noise to fade away allowing the subject of the image to pop as it should.
  • It has an ED glass which reduces aberrations at telephoto ranges and gives more depth to the image in any setting.
  • Provides a clear and smooth focusing and defocusing of the subject which makes it excellent for both photography and video operations.
  • Versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor shots.


  • It is not as high quality as the other lenses that we reviewed, but for the price, it is an excellent choice that is not too much of an investment.
  • The quality appears to be not as good as photographers would expect in low-light and fast action shots.
  • Even though it wasn’t as pricey as the other lens, many insist that it is still overpriced or the quality it provides.
  • The stabilizer is not as good as many would like when compaired to some other lenses, especially for action and adventure lens for a6000


A great all-around lens that doesn’t come with an extremely high price tag, the Sony SEL35F18 is one of the Best Lenses for Sony A6000 we found. The lightweight and compact design make it perfect to take on the go. Doing a consistently good job with all sorts of environments and photography images, it is your answer to the high price competitors. Some insist that it is still at a higher price point than they would like, but for the quality that it delivers, it is an excellent lens to add to your collection.

Best on a Budget – Sony 50mm f/1.8 Mid-Range Lens for Sony E Mount Nex Cameras

An excellent lower range lens being one of the best in the low price bracket, the fixed 50mm mid-range telephoto focal length is excellent to add to your collection. The large F1.8 maximum aperture allows for beautiful defocusing effects. Although the lens is not zoomable, due to the automatic focal operation, it is difficult to get the shot you are hoping for. The built-in optical SteadyShot image stabilization is an excellent way to capture those adventure shots or when on the go.


  • At under $250, it is within the affordable range for most photographers for sony alpha a6000 lenses.
  • The fixed 50 mid-range telephoto focal length allows for excellent zooming of subjects automatically.
  • The defocusing effects are excellent and provide a beautiful photo or video image that is flawless and smooth.
  • The bright F1.8 maximum aperture provides a beautiful contrast and in-depth image, allowing the background to fade as the subject of the image pops to life.
  • The Optical SteadyShot helps to stabilize the image with ease and without the potential for operator error.
  • A lightweight and compact design makes it easy to take on the go and also makes it the perfect second lens for adventure.
  • A quiet autofocus means that you can produce not only quality photos but videos as well.


  • The flare and fringing are both noticeable around the image edges.
  • The focus is a bit slower than users would like when compaired to some other lenses.
  • It does not work well with AF face detection and the camera is said to get “lost” trying to find the focal point of the image at times.
  • The auto-focus is said to be less than alpha a6000 lenses


For the price, the Sony 50mm f/1.8 Mid-Range Lens is an excellent lower priced lens for general use makinf it one of the best in its price range. The compact and lightweight design make it the perfect lens to take on any adventure or on the go. An autofocus takes the guess work out of focusing the camera and ensures that you aren’t going to miss that important action shot. The smooth and quiet operation make it perfect for both photography and video assignments, but there are some complaints about the quickness and ease of autofocus that may be a bit more than frustrating. Compared to the other lens reviewed, it offers great versatility without the same high price tag. Not a huge investment, it is a great lens to buy to read out on any excursion.

Best for Hobbyist or Those on a Very Tight budget The Sigma 30mm F2.8 EX DN Art (Silver) For Sony SE

For the photographer who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, the Sigma 30mm may be the perfect fit being classed as one of the Best Lenses for Sony A6000 in its bracket. A great novice hobby lens, it can capture those precious moments in life but it isn’t too much of an investment. For under $200, it does everything you need it to and then some. A lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for vacation or on the go. The HSM is quiet and provides the high-speed AF capacity that any amateur photographer needs.


  • The fast aperture is greater than what comes with many minimal “kit lens” products
  • Perfect for the hobbyist photographer looking for a little better quality without a lot of additional cost like some brands charge.
  • Completely self-regulated, you don’t have to worry about the aperture, it is completely controlled by the camera
  • The lightweight and compact design isn’t bulky and allows you to take it on your next adventure or vacation without worry.
  • A no-brainer lens, it is almost completely automatic which takes the guess work out of attaining the perfect picture.
  • The Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces ghosting and flare on any shot, and the aperture also helps to enhance the contrast of any background image.
  • A great way to focus and zoom in on your subject it is an excellent way to enhance your amateur pictures to look more like a professional.


  • The images tend to have a softer appeal than other brands sometimes unwanted.
  • The shutter speed is less than stellar and can leave you missing that fast paced shot.
  • An autofocus is an excellent addition, but it has to work properly. There are many complaints that this camera’s ability to autofocus is very hit or miss.lenses for a6000

Verdict – One Of The Best For Hobbyist Photographers!

If you are an amateur or hobby photographer, this is one of the best lenses you can get. A lower investment price-tag than other brands, it delivers all the basics that you need to take your pictures one step higher. Excellent zoom capacity and autofocus capability takes the guesswork out of shooting the perfect image. Although complaints about shutter speed and softer than desired photographs, it delivers an upgraded image to any novice photographer without a heavy investment. Lightweight and compact, it is the perfect lens to take along on your day to day life experiences.