Digital Cameras For Kids – Your Selections In 2012

By | July 28, 2017

One thing you’ll notice about the 2012 features in digital cameras for kids is they are scaled down versions from adult cameras. Some camera companies have tried to use what kids like to watch at the movies or on TV to their advantage. There are cartoon characters among the features, which might be the selling point to your child. You can never really tell what will impress a child, no matter what age they are. Be sure to match your child to the camera as best you can to ensure the maximum amount of fun.

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One very low cost but versatile camera, the 3-In-1 Squeeze Digital Camera for Kids, is definitely worth considering. The cost of this camera is much lower than full-featured expensive cameras, yet it also has features that are exceptional. Since the price is so low, you know there must be a reason despite all the features. The main drawback (though kids may not notice) is the fact that picture quality is quite limited. It has a lot of other features like a WebCam, a timer and also a built-in camcorder. This camera has an LCD screen, but it lacks the ability to playback the videos you have just taken. In most cases, problems like this are all about production costs. If it was left out, it was probably to save money on the camera.

Children that are adept with cameras will probably enjoy the KidiZoom Plus because of its many features and capabilities. This is ideal, especially if you do not want to give them an adult camera to start with. When compared to other kid’s cameras, this one is usually on the top of the list. The feature set, as well as quality of the camera itself, makes this camera one of the easiest to use today. So if you’re looking for a camera with full features, KidiZoom is probably the one you want to purchase. That is why this camera is terrific for kids who are already serious about taking pictures.

Digital Cameras For Kids – Your Selections In 2012

One of the most unique aspects of the Bean Sprout camera is the carabiner design. Have you heard of this camera? Basically, you can hang or attach the camera to a belt loop and take it with you. Despite the fact that this camera is rugged and durable, it is not waterproof, so keep that in mind. The Bean Sprout delivers because you’ll find more features on this camera than just about any other brand. A unique quality on this camera is the timer, a feature other kids cameras seem to lack. All of the features make it potentially too difficult for a child to use, something you need to think about before you buy it. Younger kids are probably not going to like this camera, but older ones probably will.

If you do have a digital camera, then finding one for your children is something that will be easy for you. One precaution is you should look at as many as you can find. If you go on the Internet, this will be very simple. So do your comparison shopping well and buy the camera that is best for the age of your child.

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