What Makes The Kids’ Version Of Digital Cameras Different In 2012

By | July 28, 2017

Digital cameras for kids will make a great gift in 2012 regardless of the occasion. Children love to make videos. They usually watch them, but creating them as something they can do. Most digital cameras have camcorders built right into them. It is easy for children nowadays to shoot videos and edit them on their own. Unusual features on cameras are always fun for kids to use. Most cameras have these options built right in. You need to read online reviews on any camera that you want to buy prior to purchasing it for your child to use.

Deciding On The Best Digital Cameras For Kids In 2012 – Tips Revealed

A great choice is the Pix Jr digital camera, especially for kids that like Disney. This is one of the better high-quality cameras for children available. Like adult cameras, it has an LCD screen that they can use. The construction of this camera is very tough, definitely designed for kids. The Disney pics photo editing package is also included. What that means for them is they can have fun with the Disney characters they like. The downfall to Pix Jr is primarily in the area of memory, and the lack of features in comparison to other cameras. Even though the features are not there, younger kids will not miss them. One of the better cameras on the market for kids is the Crayola Kidz digital camera. It is inexpensive to purchase. Quality and low price tend not to go hand-in-hand, however. This camera does have a lot of features for the price, and kids will like it too. Some people have actually reported that the Crayola Kidz camera has deleted images intermittently. Not too big of a problem, unless of course you cannot take the image one more time. You’ll be very disappointed, in fact, if this occurs. As far as included software, there are some games and a neat little software that can change an image into a puppet character.

When looking at cameras, you may want to check out the Sesame Street Real Digital camera. It has flash capability and can handle low light and indoor picture taking. Negative aspect of this camera is the 0.3 megapixels. It has such poor quality, kids will even complain. A camera that is supposed to be for kids has to be very durable, able to take a beating and not break. Obviously, kids will be kids. They will drop their camera many more times than you will. When it comes to durability, this particular camera fails time and time again. This camera has more than enough memory, coming in at 8 MB. It also has a SD card too. The problem with this camera is that it breaks so easily – one drop, and it is all over. In conclusion, before you buy a digital camera for your kid, make sure they really want one. Do not waste your hard-earned money on a camera that is not wanted, even if it is cheap. Ask your kids, or child, if they really want a camera. They might because shooting videos is something kids really love to do. You just need to be sure of what you’re getting. Some cameras don’t have camcorder options, so keep that in mind.

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